Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Dad Who Loves to Cook

Got a dad who loves to grill or has a passion for cooking? Consider supporting his hobby this Father’s Day with a gift he’ll want to use. Who knows—he might cook you up something good to show his appreciation. If you don’t know your way around the kitchen pantry or grill, try one of these great Father’s Day gifts.

1) Henckels Limited Edition Four Star 5-Piece Knife Block Set
Few kitchen accessories are as stylish as a knife block, and this one by Henckels expertly pairs form and function. The magnetic bamboo block makes a bold yet simple visual statement, and the knives themselves cut and slice with ease. It’s the perfect gift for a dad who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

2) Fiesta Raclette Set by Trudeau
Is your dad a performance chef? Let him turn any dinner into a show with this fun raclette set. With it, dad can cook veggies, meats and more, offering plenty of variety and versatility.

3) Electric Meat Slicer
Whether your dad loves to hunt or simply has an eye for the best cut at the deli, let him make custom slices with this easy to use electric meat slicer. Your dad can set whatever thickness he likes, whether he’s making a cut of pork, lunch meat slices or something in-between.

4) Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System
Vacuum sealing is essential for keeping food fresh for long amounts of time, which makes a Foodsaver sealer like this one useful for dads hunting big game. Dads who love to barbeque can also use the sealer for marinating meat and veggies long before serving.

5) BBQ Pinstripe Kitchen Linens
Speaking of BBQ, ensure dad’s looking stylish at the next BBQ with this collection. It includes both mitts and an apron—gift them together or separately.

6) BBQ Multipurpose Tonglite
Father’s Day is just at the start of summer, which means ushering the season for late-evening and night-time grilling. Make dad’s job even easier with this multipurpose tool: a tong, spatula and knife all connected to a bright LED light. This way, dad can easily cut, grill, flip and serve after sundown.

7) BBQ Lid Opener
Give dad a hand this Father’s Day with this clever lid opener for the grill. It lets him hold the lid at three different heights to easily control the grill’s flame, and has an attractive shape evoking a deer’s antler.

8) Ricardo Portable BBQ
With a portable grill from Ricardo, anywhere and any time is prime for a BBQ! Let dad serve in style at the patio table, picnic at the park or even on the kitchen counter.

9) BBQ Passion Serving Plates
All the gifts above are great for helping dad prepare and make a meal based on his culinary passions. But what about serving said meals? This Villeroy & Boch BBQ set lets dad artfully serve up dishes, including condiments or sides.

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