Give the Gift of Homemade Cookies

The best type of gifts are the ones you can make yourself. Putting a little love into your gift shows how much you care and home-baked cookies are a great (and fun!) gift you can make yourself.

Of course, you’ll need the right supplies for mixing, decorating, baking and serving the cookies. If you want to make a fresh batch of cookies for someone special this year, check out our supply list below—and an interesting, unique cookie gift idea at the end!

Get In Shape with Cookie Cutters
Cookies are more fun when they come in cute shapes, so you better have some nice cookie cutters! Think of things they like: would animal shapes suffice? Flowers? A mix of the two? These Trudeau La Pâtisserie flower shape cookie cutters come in a few sizes and are fun to decorate. This other set of La Pâtisserie cookie cutters lets you make truly fancy and professional looking cookies. For something simpler, this Ricardo cookie stamp set lets you adorn cookies with cute messages, like “made with love.”

Paint a Precise Design
Cutting the cookies is a good start, but you’ll have to bring them to life with icing! Without the right tools, it might be difficult to draw on precise designs. We’ve got some tools for you, though. A Ricardo pastry bag will help you decorate cookies as well as cakes. If that feels a little too unwieldy for cookies, try a Le Trudeau icing pen instead.

Bake and Serve in Style
Baking sheets aren’t usually too unique, but this silicone cookie sheet by Trudeau features a pattern that shows you where to place the cookies. This means you won’t have to worry about them spreading out and touching each other.

When the cookies are out and ready to serve, find a nice container to package them in as a gift. A rustic box is good to use. We also enjoy this Conserva cookie jar or this oversized retro jar, which they can continue using long after the cookies are eaten.

Not That Kind of “Cookie Jar!”
Fresh-made cookies are great, but why not try a twist with cookies in a jar? “Cookies in a jar” is a fun gift of dry cookie ingredients layered in a mason jar. Not only is it a unique gift, but upon giving, you can arrange a date to make the recipe together! Your special someone will appreciate the time you arrange to spend together.

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