Mother’s Day: Plan a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

Spa Day at HomeThe older and wiser we grow, the more we appreciate everything our mothers have done for us; from being our personal chauffeurs, to sacrificing their ‘ME’ time to often meet our demands. Our mothers have likely never found the time to take a full day away at a spa, so why not bring the spa to them? We’ve compiled some great gift ideas that offer relaxation in the comfort of their home, allowing them to snatch an hour of relaxation whenever they can, and give a gift they can enjoy again and again.

1) Bathtub Caddy
If by now you have friends with children, you’ve more than likely heard at least one them mention how they long for an hour to themselves to just take a bath. It may seem like a given for those of us yet to become mothers, but this is a luxury seldom enjoyed by mummies of young children. A bath tray gives the gift of relaxation; a precious hour or two to read a book, kindle or simply enjoy a glass of wine.

2) Fresh Towels & Robe
The ultimate spa day includes fresh towels and a luxurious bathrobe, designed to feel like you’re wrapping yourself in a fleece blanket. Our Royal Plush towels are one of Canada’s thickest, softest, most absorbent towels and come in over 25 colours.

3) The Amazing Flameless Candles
Candles create the ideal ambience for relaxation and tranquility. Traditional wax candles are out and flameless candles are in; not only are they safer to use, these candles leave no messy wax drips over the bathroom and last longer. Learn more about them, here.

4) Slippers
No spa day is complete without slipping your feet into something ultra cozy. Available in 3 styles, our Ugg slippers provide the ultimate comfort, while keeping mom’s feet snug and warm all year round.

5) Stay Hydrated
Rehydration plays an important part in relaxation, especially when enjoying a hot bath. Why not provide mom with a beautiful pitcher to enjoy refreshing lemon water, plus she’ll be able to reuse it for future occasions.

Set the Scene:
Spa Day at Home

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Spa Day at Home

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1. Royal Plush Towels 2. Chantilly Lace Towels 3. Towel Ladder 4. Woodland Bath Collection 5. Vanity Mirror 6. Mirrored Vanity Tray 7. Bathrobe by Ugg 8. Flip Flop Slippers by Ugg 9. Bath Caddy 10. Oasis Drinking Jar 11. Pebbles Bath Rub 12. Pitcher by Bormioli 13. Flameless Candles

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