Mother’s Day: The Gift of Sleep

Still hunting for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea? How about something that will make her happy and healthy – the gift of sleep. Recent surveys have shown that what mothers want more than anything else is a good night’s sleep. So, this year, provide her with quality & cozy essentials that will enhance her sleep. After all, even superheroes (like moms) need their r&r.

How Can You Help?
Being a mother can be one of the most difficult, but rewarding jobs in the world. They are constantly on their feet, running errands, cooking, cleaning, keeping the kids out of trouble… you name it! So, we’ve put together a “Help Mom Cheat Sheet” that families can use for Mother’s Day, to help mom get her extra hours of sleep.

  • Prep the night before:  Instead of rushing around in the morning, do what you can the night before. This will reduce stress and noise in the morning.
  • Assign the kids some tasks: Let’s face it, kids love to help… so let them! Assign them a chore to help on Mother’s Day. A great idea is to help them make breakfast in bed, so something like whisking the eggs, or buttering the toast.
  • Keeping the children quiet: Probably the most difficult one, but if Mom is going to sleep, she needs peace and quiet!

Make Her Sleep An Amazing One
If she’s going to spend extra time in bed, make sure it’s as comfortable as can be. Whether it’s new pillows, fresh linens, or a luxurious duvet… there are many ways to upgrade her bed. Today we’re sharing our Pure Linen Bedding styled with trendy pillows and the perfect side table. Make her morning extra special by surprising her with breakfast in bed and a heartfelt card.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas, visit our Mother’s Day Gift Shop.
The Gift of SleepThe Gift of SleepThe Gift of SleepThe Gift of Sleep
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