Organize Your Pantry with These Ingenious Tools

The season of entertaining is upon us, but is your pantry ready? It’s easy to fall prey to an unruly, disorganized pantry, but don’t give in—it’s easy to keep the space organized if you have the right tools. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the various things you’ll need to store away (and what you should put them in!) below.

A Place for Everything

One of the biggest ways to get your pantry organized is to simply declutter. First, you should go through everything in your pantry and decide whether any of it should be disposed of. These include items that have expired. Once you’ve chosen what to keep, you’ll need to keep everything in its place! The Interdesign Kitchen Binz collection is a great system for organizing the many items in your pantry. With different sizes, the bins accommodate nearly anything you’d want to stow away. You can also stack them up for easy grouping and access to whatever you need.

As for drinkware, consider the attractive Barolo Wine Rack for storing your vintage in a classy way. Whether you want to leave the rack in a walk-in pantry or place it on display (thereby freeing space in the pantry), this wine rack is sure to please when you entertain.

Seal Up and Keep Fresh

For storing out-of-package items to maintain freshness, try the Starfrit Lock storage set. These stackable containers come in different sizes and shapes, allowing for easy storage. With coloured tops, you can even colour-code like items. For example, group cereals on one side of the pantry shelf and pasta on another. Of course, you can even use them in the fridge!

Speaking of pasta, there’s no better place in the pantry to store grains than in attractive canisters. These Ichacha canisters are simply, stylish and relatively neutral, so you can easily organize and group pasta, cookies or any other items you want to keep fresh. Want to inject some personality into the pantry? Go for an item from the Kate Spade canister collection instead, which offers a handful of cute styles.

For keeping sugar, spice and everything nice, add a Trudeau Maison spice carousel to the pantry. Not only does this group your spices together in a space-saving way; it’s easy to find and grab exactly what you need thanks to its spinning carousel.

Organizing the Tools of the Trade

As for your drawers, it’s time to exercise control! We have several great utensil and drawer organizers just like the Oxo Good Grips utensil organizer. This one expands to fit drawers of any size. If you want something more rustic or natural in look and feel, try a Danesco Bamboo utensil organizer instead.

There are plenty of other items you can use to store away cooking tools while saving space and keeping things organized. The Store More Bakeware Rack saves space by grouping racks horizontally and stacking them together. To save up on space on shelves, counters and drawers, keep your tools on the wall! The Umbra Mountie paper towel holder allows you to effortlessly tear a sheet when needed. A Magnetic Knife Bar, meanwhile, lets you show off cutlery in style while “cutting” down on used space.

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