5 Easy Ways to Create Beautiful Nature-Inspired Centrepieces

Most people are cooped-up in offices for most of the day and don’t get the opportunity to be outdoors. Being in man-made surroundings for long periods of time can cause stress and boredom; after all, who wants to stare at a dull, grey cubicle wall all day? Being around nature is essential for well-being and happiness. Tabletop arrangements are a great and easy way to bring nature back into your home. Centrepieces help to create a focal point and bring color and life into your living space.

Budget-Friendly Centrepiece
If you are on a dollar store budget, this easy DIY project costs just a few dollars and can be done in minutes. Cut the stems of flowers (artificial or real will work) to fit your vase and fill the vase with distilled water to prevent bubbles from forming on the flowers. If using artificial flowers, test out the flowers underwater to ensure the colours do not bleed. Submerged flowers in distilled water appear larger and create a lovely magnifying effect. Add a floating candle and, voila — you have a great centrepiece.
Nature-Inspired Centrepieces

Autumn Centrepiece
Fall decor wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin or two. With their warm colours and variety of shapes and sizes, pumpkins are quite versatile for decorating your home. If mini pumpkins are your thing, try arranging a group of gourds in a tall, narrow glass vase. You can also try arranging an assortment of pumpkins, pinecones and branches on a tray.

To use a larger pumpkin as a centrepiece, turn it into a vase! Slice off the top of the pumpkin, hollow it out and place a sealed container with water inside. Arrange a variety of flowers, branches or cattails for a stunning display.
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Fresh Centrepiece
Have extra lemons, limes or oranges in your kitchen? Slice them up into thin wedges and add them to a floral arrangement for a fresh look. Since the fruits’ acidity can shorten the lifespan of flowers, try placing the flowers in a smaller vase and place the fruit slices in a larger surrounding container. We love the idea of using a water pitcher or mason jar as a vase.

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Vintage-Inspired Centrepiece 
Bell jars have been used since Victorian times to create interesting displays. Create your own vintage-inspired centerpiece by collecting your favourite mementos and objects. We love this display of natural elements — especially the often underrated, yet beautiful bird feather.
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Beach-Inspired Centrepiece 
Ocean waves have a calming effect. Create a soothing, laid-back atmosphere by bringing elements from the beach into your home. Your beach-inspired arrangement will conjure up happy memories of warm sunshine and sand between your toes, even in the coldest winter months.
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What You’ll Need to Create Nature-Inspired Centrepieces:
1. Torre & Tagus Long Neck Ball Shape Vases
Arrange a single flower or a small bouquet in these modern and stylish vases, reminiscent of science beakers.
Available, here.

2. Toca Cylinder Vase 35cm
This classic and versatile vase is perfect for stacking decorative elements such as mini pumpkins, fruits and berries. Or try the DIY distilled water flower arrangement.
Available, here.

3. Flower Accessories
Choose from a selection of white or black river stones, or clear glass beads to enhance the look of your centrepiece.
Available, here.

4. Athena Footed Bowl
This traditional Greek-inspired bowl would create a stunning centrepiece filled with fruits and other natural decorative elements.
Available, here.

5. Bormioli Aurum Jug
You don’t need to be limited to vases or bowls. Try using this stylish pitcher to hold a lovely bouquet.
Available, here.

6. Torre & Tagus Costa Carved Wood Collection
This gorgeous wooden bowl would be perfect as part of a centre piece or on its own.
Available, here.

7. Set of 12 Decorative Lemons
With all the colour and vibrancy of real lemons (and none of the hassle), use these decorative lemons to freshen up your living space.
Available, here.

8. Decor Drift Wood
This hand-finished natural drift wood would look great as a centrepiece or displayed by a fireplace.
Available, here.

9. Decorative Fruit Sets
Choose from a selection of limes, oranges or apples to add a punch of color to your decor.
Available, here.

10. Allium Daisy single stem collection
These colourful and chic daisies would look perfect paired with Torre & Tagus Long Neck Ball Shape Vases.
Available, here.

11. Micheal Aram Olive Branch Canisters
These lovely canisters with olive branch motif are ideal for holding and displaying your treasures.
Available, here.

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