6 Items to Pack for Labour Day at the Cottage

Labour Day at the CottageMany Canadians plan to head out of town to enjoy the great outdoors the Labour Day weekend. Young professionals want to escape their cubicles and families want to spend time with their kids before they go back to school, and there’s no better place to go than the cottage to enjoy the last few days of summer. Remember to pack these 6 cottage essentials to have a great time during your Labour Day vacation.

1) Towels: After swimming in the lake there’s nothing better than to dry off with a large, fluffy towel.

2) Outdoor Pillows: An outdoor pillow adds a little extra comfort when lounging in a patio chair or tanning on the dock.

3) Ice Bucket: A collapsible ice bucket is easy to pack and will ensure your drinks are kept cold all day.

4) Outdoor Mat: Add a pop of colour with a versatile outdoor mat.

5) Bottles: Impress your guests by serving cocktails, juice or water out of these stylish bottles.

6) Wine Glasses: Stainless steel wine glasses are durable (and easy to clean), therefore perfect to bring to the cottage.

Labour Day at the CottageIce Bucket (collapses)Labour Day at the CottageGlass Bottle


Grade Towels by Esprit

Kenee Patio Accessories

Silicone Beverage Bin (Collapses)

Panama Tile Vinyl Mat

Artland Glass Bottles

Stainless Steel Glass by Danesco


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