Cool Off with Cold Brew, the Biggest Trend in Coffee Right Now

What’s the biggest trend in coffee this spring? Cold brew! Cold brew is different than iced coffee in that it’s less watered down and has a slightly less acidic flavour. While cold brew has been slowly catching on in the past few years, it’s typically more expensive to buy at a coffee shop than iced coffee. This makes it the perfect drink to make yourself at home—especially because it’s as simple as making a cup of tea.

How to Make Cold Brew

Cold brew is easy to make, it just takes some time to steep. Ensure you have at least 12 hours until the time you’ll want to serve your cold brew and you should be fine.

A French press like the Jewel Tone 8-Cup French Press is ideal for serving cold brew. Of course, a French press is great for making hot coffee, too! To make cold brew in a French press, just add in the coffee and water, then place in the fridge overnight. In the morning, push the plunger down and you’re ready to go. Expect some grounds to seep into the coffee; this is fine, but you can strain further if it bothers you.

Another easy method is to simply steep the cold brew in a jar. You can use a coffee filter like the Krups Permanent Coffee Filter (perfect for hot brew, cold brew and even tea), or simply add water to coffee with no filter. If using the latter method, you may then strain your cold brew through a pour over maker like the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker.

Serving in Style

One of the benefits to cold brew is that it’s made cold, so watering it down with ice isn’t necessary. But if you want to ensure your drink stays cold while taking it out and about—or if it’s a hot day—you might want to add some ice. Our 2-inch silicone ice cube moulds let you make ice cubes that are perfect in size: just one cube is needed per cup. Our secret? Make ice using coffee instead of water!

The Koolatron ice maker is another indispensable tool if you’ll be making other chilled drinks as well. It makes about 11.3kg of ice per day automatically with 2 size choices of cubes. With this, you’ll always have enough ice to fuel your cold brew habit!

So, what’ll you carry your cold brew in? Our new Insulated Tumblers by Bevi are a versatile travel mug that keeps drinks both hot or cold. They come in 4 colours, are double walled, and BPA free. It’s perfect for whatever fits your mood each day, including those sweltering mornings when you just want a cold brew. Fancy something with more of a pattern? Get something from the Kate Spade travel tumbler collection, which offers several fun designs.

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