Create a Wall Gallery

For some, walls are used to display invaluable art pieces. For others, they would rather hang pictures filled with memories. However, hanging frames to create a perfect aesthetical and balanced gallery is an art in itself and can be a lot more complicated than it seems. It is usually hard to find the perfect balance. Here’s some advice to help you be effective!

1) Choose The Frames 
You can opt for very different frames or for very similar ones, either in terms of sizes or colours. The idea is to stick with your choices. It is even more fun to create a gallery that has a theme between the frames; it could be a shape, one single colour or several colours, a photo processing, etc. What matters is that you gather images or pieces that you looks like.

2) Choose The Right Space 
To create a gallery that works with your space, it is important to decide how big you want it to be before starting the installation of your pieces.

3) Plan The Layout 
This step is very important in order to achieve an optimal result. The best way to plan the layout is to draw your plan directly on the wall, as suggested by Emma from A Beautiful Mess (see below). To do that, cut a sheet of paper in the shape of each of your frames and use scotch tape to stick them to the wall. That way, it will be easy to play with the layout until you get an elegant result.


Another tip: use a big black frame to balance a decor with a big tv: 

Here are some pictures for inspiration on how to embellish your walls with style: 




Were these tips helpful? Are you a fan of wall galleries?


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