How To Decorate With White

White is considered to be the colour of purity, optimism, joy and cleanliness. It’s also one of the most popular shades for interior design. If you want to decorate with white but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help! Get inspired with the looks below:

1) Bedroom
Wake up in a perfectly serene environment with a white bedroom. This perfectly pale room uses a mix of textures to bring the room together.
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1. Duvet – Available, here.
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2) Kitchen
We love a fresh white kitchen mixed with some stainless steel. Whether it’s a dishwasher, microwave, mixer, or even a toaster, there are so many ways to incorporate stainless steel in your kitchen. We also recommend adding some fresh flowers for a pop of colour!
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1. KitchenAid Mixer – Available, here.
2. Canister – Available, here.
3. Salt Mill – Available, here.
4. Stool – Available, here.
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6. Toaster – Available, here.
7. Coffee Maker – Available, here.

3) Living Room
White can come in all shades, mix and match the colours in a white palette for a more complex look. From eggshell white to oyster white to beige and pale browns, there’s a lot of shades to work with!!
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1. Frames – Available, here.
2. Lamp – Available, here.
3. Chair – Available, here.
4. Ottoman – Available, here.
5. Wall Shelves – Available, here.
6. Vase – Available, here.
7. Decorative Pillows – Available, here.

4) Bathroom
A white bathroom doesn’t have to seem clinical, it can be clean, airy and full of some delicate touches. Enjoy a long bath in a simple, white bathroom and feel all your troubles melt away!
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