Decorating with Pink

Sometimes all we need for a little pick-up-me up is a splash of colour! Whether it’s wrapping paper, a pink sunset, a bold dress, a bright yellow notebook or a bunch of balloons, a touch of colour always puts a little more sunshine in our days.

Adding colour to our decor might seem tricky or excessive, but today we’re showing you that it can actually be a wonderful idea. Calling all pink lovers! We know it could be hard to convince your roommate or significant other—especially if they are male— that painting a whole wall fuchsia is a good idea, but nothing can stop us from dreaming, right?

Here are some of our favourite looks:

pinkdecor_3 (2)

Here are some items to add touches of pink to your decor:
1: KitchenAid Mixer

2: Sweet bubble delicate pink Berger lamp

3: Pink file cabinet

4: Pink panels

5: Pink notebook from Kate Spade

6: Pink vase

7: Clock from Kate Spade

Would you dare painting one of your doors pink? Or adding a pink armchair to a room?

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2014


Marie-Michelle Dupuis

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