Everything You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets

What are weighted blankets and why have they become increasingly popular? They are exactly as they sound: a blanket that has weights inside making it heavier than the standard blanket. Sounds simple right? Well, they were actually first introduced back in 1999 tailored to those with special-needs (particularly for children). They were used to help treat patients coping with mental and physical trauma (such as PTSD), as well as improve focus for ADHD. Fast forward to the last couple years- they’ve become increasingly popular thanks to the many added benefits that have been found. Today we’ll be covering everything you need to know and why they’re helping so many people.

1) Helps You Sleep
One of the main reasons someone would benefit from a weighted blanket is because they help you sleep at night. They use a type of therapy which is known as Deep Touch Pressure stimulation. The idea behind this is that applying a gentle level of pressure to certain areas throughout the body will encourage the release of serotonin (a chemical that regulates sleep).

2) Helps With Anxiety
Weighted blankets are also helpful if you are someone who struggles with anxiety. Deep Touch Pressure has been found to reduce cortisol levels in the body (the hormone which regulates stress response). It also mimics the feeling of someone giving you a nice, gentle hug. Not only does this give warmth and security, but it releases oxytocin (the hormone which reduces blood pressure, slows the heart, and provides a feeling of relaxation).

3) Eases Restless Leg Syndrome
Another key benefit of a weighted blanket is that it can help someone who has restless leg syndrome. The symptoms can be an uncomfortable tingling feeling in the legs, which often happens at night and keeps the person awake as well as feeling that they need to be moving their legs constantly. Weighted blankets are a great way to treat this issue as they calm irritated nerves and intolerable sensations.

Which Weighted Blanket is Right For You?
Our new weighted blanket comes in 3 sizes/weights. You can choose between the 7lb blanket (40” x 60”), 12lb (40″ x 72″), or the 15lb blanket (60” x 80”). 

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