Dorm Style : For Him

dorm styleWhen heading off to university, creating a functional and stylish living space can be a challenge in cramped dorm rooms, so we’ve decided to round up of few of our favorite necessities to help make your campus living a bit more stylish. It’s important to maximize space with organizational solutions like storage boxes, bed risers and wall hooks, as well as invest in a few dorm-friendly kitchen appliances, such as a toaster oven and electric kettle for late night snacking. Lastly, a good desk lamp is also a must, as well as a stylish wall clock to keep you on schedule throughout the school year.

Dorm Style:
dorm styleSHOP THE ITEMS:
1. Buffalo Plaid Bedding 2. Desk Lamp 3. Pro Electric Kettle 4. Harmonia Pilsner Glasses 5. KitchenAid Oven 6. Bed Riser 7. Prima Iron 8. Dopp Kit

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