Fall Decor and Decorating Trends

With every change of season, we look for new ways of reflecting its spirit through style and decor. This season, we’re transforming our spaces with cozy, rustic, comfortable and inviting colours and textures to capture the very best of Fall.

Textures & Layers
Cooler temperatures have us trying to keep warm. What better way than to incorporate comfortable and cozy fabrics into our living spaces for those nights by the fire. Mix and match various textures, patterns, shapes and even sizes with decorative pillows, throws and area rugs. Get the look with these Linen Chest favourites.

Fall Decor and Decorating Trends

Pops of Colour
Incorporating rich, warm tones is a perfect way of spicing up your space for Fall. Whether with a statement piece of furniture or simple décor accents, achieving this look is easy with some pieces from Linen Chest.

Fall Decor and Decorating Trends

Copper Accents
Copper and metal accents were a huge trend this year! Used alone or mixed with silver and brass, the warm glow of copper in accessories or even everyday essentials, can be achieved with these great Linen Chest finds.

Fall Decor and Decorating Trends

Natural Elements
Drawing inspiration from nature is a simple jumping off point when transitioning from season to season. Use materials such as wood and greenery from your garden or faux pieces that can be transformed into beautiful, festive centrepieces.

Fall Decor and Decorating Trends
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