FINALLY! The Best Toilet Brush You’ll Ever Use

LOOEEGEE is the new hygienic solution for a clean toilet bowl that also saves you time and effort. 30 micro squeegee blades are built into the non-stick flexible silicone pad, providing an easier and more effective way to clean the smooth, curved surface of your bowl. There are no more dirty bristles, germs or drips with the LOOEEGEE Hygienic Toilet Squeegee. Forget scrubbing, make your life a little easier and swipe your toilet clean with LOOEEGEE.


  • HYGIENIC – Non-stick silicone squeegee swipes your toilet clean and repels bacteria
  • POWERFUL RIBBED DESIGN – 30 micro squeegee blades quickly remove stubborn stains with less scrubbing
  • QUICK DRYING – Water repellent silicone prevents drips and bacteria buildup in holder
  • LONG LASTING – Durable silicone outlasts a regular bristle brush, saving you money
  • EASY REACHING – Flexible silicone easily cleans under the rim and hard to reach areas



Alyssa Leibner

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