Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring has arrived and you know what that means… time for some spring cleaning!

Beyond the regular decluttering and de-winterizing that goes along with the change of weather, we have a few ideas to welcome spring into your home. And they’re a bit more fun than changing the fire alarm batteries (although, you should absolutely do that too).

1. Change Up Your Furniture Placement
There’s no better way to refresh a room than to change around the furniture. It gives the room an entirely new look without having to actually do much. Change your bed so it faces the window, move your couch to another side of the living room, or go ahead and swap two different rooms entirely.

2. Swap Your Dark Fabrics for Lighter Ones
It’s time to put away all your wintery fabrics and breathe fresh air into your spring colours. Switch out your flannel bedding, your super cozy throws, your dark hand towels, placements, and more. Replace them with lighter or brighter shades to match the season. This simple change will give new life to each room.

3. Add Spring in Subtle Ways
Little subtle touches can make a big difference. Aim for floral patterns and light scents to really make it feel like spring has arrived. You can add a new houseplant to your coffee table, choose a new hand soap, switch out a wall painting, or change the sound on your alarm clock. Keep it bright and fresh!

4. Get Outside
With all of the spring cleaning and organizing, don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the arrival of spring. Just because you need to practise social distancing, doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh air! Go for a long walk with the dog or spend some time in the garden. Your patio furniture can head outside at the first hint of warmth, so make some lemonade and enjoy the end of winter.

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