Host A Bright and Cheerful Mother’s Day Dinner

Host A Bright and Cheerful Mother’s Day Dinner Mother’s do so much for us every day that they really do deserve the absolutely best celebration. Mothers can come in all forms; not just biological moms. There are plenty of role models out there that act as parenting figures, so make sure to include them in this annual celebration. Here is what we suggest.

1. Cut the Invite List
You know the greatest gift you can give? A stress-free night with some great company! Some people think that Mother’s Day needs to include absolutely everyone in the extended family. While sometimes that is nice, it can also be really wonderful to spend some quality time with close relatives only. Let your mom enjoy the night surrounded by her closest loves. If one of them happens to live out-of-town, make sure to Skype them at some point.

2. Cook the Basics
Unless you’re a professional chef, we’d suggest sticking to the basics for cooking. Pick a few of your mom’s favourite foods and keep them simple. Good, simple food is often better than experimental food. If your mom loves a certain dish that you can’t recreate, then you can always go pick up that one dish from a shop and then make the rest. Simple can be delicious.

3. Flowers
Flowers always brighten up a room and are always a well-appreciated decoration. You don’t need to buy a dozen roses – you just need to add some fresh colours to the table. There is no better symbol of spring than some fresh flowers.

4. Signature Cocktails
Does your mom have a favourite cocktail? Make sure to pick up the ingredients for it! If she’s a wine-lover then make sure to pick up a better bottle than you’d buy for yourself. If she’s a mixed-drink kind of person, then make sure to pick up all the toppings – lemons and limes included. You want to show her that you notice her preferences.

5. Clean Up
Whatever you do, don’t let your mom clean a single dish! Offer her a coffee, clean up the table, and start hand-washing or loading the dishwasher. Don’t leave a single wrapper on the counter or a single napkin on the dinner table. Leave the kitchen spotless so that your mom really doesn’t have to do any work.

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