How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Fall

If autumn is loved for anything, it’s its beauty: foliage bursts with bright, fiery colours that provide comfort against chillier temperature. So what better way to celebrate the season than to bring some of that beauty inside? Add warmth to your bedroom this season by taking some design cues from mother nature—here’s how.

Take a Seat; Chairs & Poufs 
For some of us, just a bed isn’t enough for lounging in comfort. If you have the space, consider introducing an accent chair this season. The Harriet accent chair has a sophisticated and classic design. And despite its sophistication, it’s not stuffy: its cushions are designed for comfort. We specifically love the brown version for a fall bedroom.

Those with more colourful rooms may be interested in a Veracruz ottoman. This pouf-style ottoman is fun in shape and colour; in fact, its woven texture and warm colours make it a perfect addition to a fall bedroom. Whether you want to kick up your feet or sit down to try on shoes, the ottoman is sure to please.

Customize Your Surfaces

The tabletop is where you can really customize the design of your bedroom. Whether placed on a dresser surface, nightstand or book shelf, these tchotchkes and accessories will help you embrace the season’s beautiful colour palette. The Castello Lantern has a somewhat rustic design that looks cure on a dresser—and adds a warm glow to the evenings. It’s available in three sizes, so you can display a handful to play with height and contrast.

The Keaton Street gold serveware collection by Kate Spade expertly matches the season with its gilded finish. In fact, the serve tray is the perfect surface for placing the lantern mentioned above—but you can place any little tchotchkes, jewellery and more.

And while fall welcomes the colder climate, there are still several perennial flowers that bring beauty to the season. When stocking your room with vases, you can invite the natural beauty of the season indoors. We love the simplified look of this abstract vase from Torre and Tagus. For something a little more nostalgic, try this village-shaped three-piece planter from Abbott of England.

Add Some Art

Speaking of beauty, add some artsy items that capture the energy and colour palette of fall. This Rose Gold Shades painting offers an organic, hypnotic shape that puts the mind at ease with its warm colours. If you favour three-dimensional trinkets to decorate your room, try a gilded sculpture or decorative ball by Torre and Tagus.

Final Touches

When it comes to form and function, you can’t go wrong with a folding screen. Its exotic, wood design goes well with the season. It’s perfect for when you want to divide sections of the room, such as designating a space for getting dressed. Speaking of getting dressed, no room is complete without a mirror. The geometric shelf mirror gives you a place to leave small items that are essential to getting ready for the day. Its warm, wooden frame will look beautiful from fall into the winter.

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