If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve Party this year, you might be needing some New Year’s decorating tips! Here are some tips and tricks on how to throw a party at home that’s both festive and stylish. 

1. Picking Your Colors

There are three classic colors that make a New Years Eve Party feel right. Those colors are gold, black and silver. When it comes to selecting the color palette for your party, keep these colors as your main focus. You can pair either of the metallics with blank for something more simple, or use all three for a glittering bonanza!

Another great “color” to incorporate is glitter. Glitter and sparkle are must haves for New Years so go all out. Glittering gold and sparkling silver are great for fun parties, while a glittery black is a little more elevated and elegant. Incorporate your colors through party decor as well as household items. Things like throw blankets and throw pillows can be swapped out to match your color scheme for a more cohesive look. 


2. Table Decorations

Dressing up your table is essential for a holiday party. If you’re hosting a New Years Eve Dinner, make sure every element fits your theme. Start with your tablecloth. Try a classic base like white or black, and then add your pops of color through things like gold napkin rings, glittering placemats and other New Years Eve decorations. Dinnerware, flatware and wine glasses already fit the theme if you’ve got them in classic neutral colors so no need to worry there!

table decorations

3. Decor & Accent Pieces

Now it’s time to top things off with some decorative pieces. For an elegant touch, try decorating with gold and silver vases with fresh cut flowers, decorative bowls for the table, gold and silver figurines and coordinating trays for serving drinks and appetizers. Top off the look with glittering garlands, twinkling lights and maybe even some sparkling streamers to set the mood. 

new years decorations


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