Mother’s Day Spa Retreat

With Mother’s Day approaching, you may be on a frantic search for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. As most mother’s would agree, they rarely get time to pamper themselves and could take any excuse for a spa day. If going to the spa just isn’t possible, why not recreate the next best thing and give your mother a spa retreat in the comfort of her own home?

The Mother’s Day Spa Retreat List:
For the Bathtub
1) Candles – Set a relaxing mood for Mother’s Day. Pick her favourite scent or go for lavender if you’re unsure (lavender has a calming effect)
2) Soap or Bubble Bath – While soap is an every day thing, take it to the “spa” level by picking out a scented soap with moisturizing properties. But if she likes to take baths, why not gift her a scented bubble bath she can use.
3) Tub Tray – While soaking in the tub, she can read her favourite books, enjoy a cup of tea, or even a delicious meal from a tray that’s within her reach
1) Foot Massager – Give her aching feet the treatment they deserve with a foot massage
2) Slippers – Her feet will thank you for giving them a soft resting place after getting a luxurious massage
3) A Bathrobe – While relaxing, she’ll want the ultimate comfort that only a bathrobe can give

With all these items, your mother is guaranteed one of her best Mother’s Day yet.
1) Jacquard Bathrobe Collection – Available, here.
2) Teak Bath Tub Tray – Available, here.
3) Infrared & Vibration Massager – Available, here.
4) Ultimate Pamper Set – Available, here.
5) Greenleaf Boxed Votive Collection – Available, here.
6) “I Love you This Much” by Mugs Collection by Formenton – Available, here.
7) Dei Colli Fiorentini Soap Bar – Available, here.

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