After a long, hard day at work there is nothing that compares to a relaxing evening soak. Turn bath time into a spa experience with your very own bath caddy: a simple gem that you never knew you needed. Who wouldn’t want a place to set a good book, a glass of wine, some bubbles and a few dark chocolates, all while taking a soothing spa-inspired bath? 

Baths are great way to unwind and enjoy a little “you time”. For added convenience, bathtub caddies are a multitasking piece that can make bath time feel more luxurious. Give yourself the five-star treatment by lighting some aromatic candles, diving into your favourite book, pouring yourself a smooth glass of wine and bask in the soothing atmosphere you’ve created.

When you are through with your spa day, your new bath caddy can be left out on display with decorative elements. Keep it in sight to remind yourself of the little pleasures in life, and ultimately to love yourself.

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019


Alyssa Bouchard

Alyssa is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Linen Chest. With a passion for creative writing and research, she is always exploring new ways to captivate any audience through words. Outside of work, she loves to try out new plant-based recipes, as well as spending quality time with her family and her adorable Bengal, Nino.

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