New Year’s Eve Recipe: Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

Another year is coming to an end and although our celebrations may not be the same this year, it doesn’t mean it can’t be as festive and as meaningful as previous years. A great way to still celebrate in style at home is by making a special sip-worthy cocktail! New Year’s Eve is all about the bubbly, so here’s a champagne cocktail recipe that will be perfect to ring in the new year! Watch the video to see how it’s done + get the recipe below:


  • 1 oz Cranberry juice
  • 1 wedge of lime
  • Champagne or sparkling wine
  • Frozen Cranberries


  • Chill your champagne flutes before hand
  • Add cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime to the flutes
  • Top off the flutes with your choice of champagne or sparkling wine
  • Garnish with cranberries

Enjoy and sip responsibly. Cheers to an awesome 2021!

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Charlene Wong

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