Outdoor Dining Trend Alert: Marble, Wood & Blues

Mixing materials is always a great design philosophy, and marble versus wood embodies a beautiful contrast. The cool, milky texture of marble resists the warm, straight grain of wood. And the trending accompaniment of blue presents a surprisingly cool tone to add to the summer season.

We’re jumping on the bandwagon this season to embrace this classy, sophisticated but almost homey look.

Setting the Scene
When setting up your patio decor, it’s good to remember that table linens aren’t just for indoors. Sure, you won’t leave it outside 24/7, but dressing a table with a linen for a few hours’ entertainment is a nice idea. We love this blue and white checkered one—perfect for the outdoors.

But don’t let your linen blow away! These diamond teardrop weights will keep your linen in place, and might sparkle in the sunlight.

Once your linen is placed, don’t forget to set the table with placemats, napkins and cutlery. We’ve got a few ideas that can fit our blue and natural theme. These sheer stripe vinyl placemats look great in black or champagne; we’d err on the champagne choice to go with marble and wood in our theme, though either neutral tones should fit. On the side, we’re placing a blue bistro cutlery holder

Something to Serve
When it comes to serveware, mix and match! We love the contrast between the Carrara marble collection and the beautiful, wooden Marin collection. As for adding a dose of blue, the intricate patterns of this Indochine Ikat dinnerware collection mesh well with the pure white Savino collection. And to really embrace our mix and match theme, take out this pineapple serving board—which has both a marble and wood finish.

As far as drinkware is concerned, we love the sophistication this set of blue Cordoba pitchers and glasses affords. Add a touch of wood with this set of wooden coasters!

Party Anywhere
Outdoor spaces are versatile, so you want your outdoor entertaining supplies to match. This beautifully woven terrace outdoor entertaining collection fits the bill: it’s great for afternoon siestas with friends and family. What we love about it is how you can quickly whisk the soiree from the patio table to a picnic blanket in the garden.

Get Started:

Outdoor Entertaining Collection

Romantic Pitcher & Glass Collection

Indochine Ikat Dinnerware Collection

Indochine Ikat Dinnerware Collection

Marin Serveware Collection

Carrara Serveware Collection

Outdoor Serveware Collection

Cordoba Pitcher and Glasses

Pineapple Serving Board

Bistro Cutlery Holders

Indochine Ikat Dinnerware Collection

Carrara Serveware Collection

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Outdoor Entertaining Collection

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