Passover Table Decoration Ideas: Elevate Your Seder Table Dinner Decor

Passover serverware, candle center peace, scotch glasses and cheese knife set

Passover 2022 is coming up in just a few weeks. Since this holiday happens in the home and is centered around the meal, having a beautiful and meaningful seder table is a must. 

When designing your table decor, start with the main focus, the table’s passover centerpiece : the seder plate. You can then complement it with beautiful pieces such as textured table linen, elegant napkin holders, fine dinnerware and sparkling wine glasses. Pair these beautiful pieces with vases filled with flowers, candles and candleholders to help bring the look together. By artfully selecting your table settings, you can add beauty to the table without clutter. Some families may opt to incorporate family heirlooms; this is a great way to honour traditions and to add a very personal touch to the table decor. 

We’ve curated below a selection of our best pieces to elevate your Passover dinner table decor. You can also browse all our Passover essentials and get everything you need to add the finishing touch to your table setting.

Happy Passover! 


Terra Rosas

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