The Ultimate Back To School Guide For Your Home

It’s that time of year again and we’ve got everything you need to get you or your kids back to school this fall. From dorm room essentials to lunchroom basics, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our favourite items to help get you and your family off on the right foot:

1. On-the-Go Essentials
Needless to say, fall is a busy time of year, which is why we’ve decided to round up of few of our favourite on-the-go essentials! Whether packing your lunch or charging your cell phone in between classes, here are our top picks:

1. Mighty Purse
Charge on the Go with this handbag that charges your phone! A fusion between fashion and technology. (comes in 7 colours)
Available, here.

2. Water Bottle
Here’s agreat way to make your daily servings more palatable, without the added sugar, cost and waste of prepackaged beverages. The built-in lemon reamer makes it easy to add flavor, and our glass container keeps your water healthier and better tasting.
Available, here.

3. Reusable Lunch Bag
Iconic brown bag shape, tear resistant and easy clean material.
Available, here.

4. Umbrella in a Bottle
Store your wet umbrella in the bottle and forget about drips and drops. You and all your belongings stay dry! Carry it on your wrist, or conveniently place the bottle in your purse, briefcase or backpack.
Available, here.

5. Fuel Salad Container
Keep your salad fresh and crisp wherever you go! Ice pack and salad dressing container screws into the lid. SMART!
Available, here.

6. Fuel Foldable Cuterly
Keep your cutlery clean by folding it in. Polypropylene handle and stainless steel utensil.
Available, here.

2. Organizing Essentials
When heading off to university, organization is key to maximize space in a small dorm room. We offer many ways to keep you organized this fall (and all year round) with stylish organizing solutions such as these:

7. Boho Dress Scarf Holder
If you’ve got a lot of scarves, this one is definitely for you. This organizer becomes a full dress when used. 16 rings let you hang your favourite scarves. How pretty?
Available, here.

8. Icelet Jewelry Tree
Neatly organize your jewelry accessories with this polished acrylic and metal jewellery hanger.
Available, here.

9. Owl Canister
Foresta makes your bath toiletries fun to display and use. Using part of its form for its functional design, owl twists its head 360 to load and dispense cotton pads. Now that’s a smart owl!
Available, here.

10. Over The Door Hooks
Add a touch of glam to your bedroom or bathroom doors, with these elegant hooks. Not only will these hooks add a little something extra to your room but they are the perfect accessory for clearing up clutter in a hurry!
Available, here.

11. Wood Suit Hanger
Essential for any well organized closet, this walnut suit hanger preserves and protects your suits beautifully.
Available, here.

12. Drawer Organizer
Keep your bathroom accessories neat and tidy with this organizer. (3 different styles)
Available, here.

3. Kitchen Essentials
School years are packed with late night study sessions, after school snacks and weekend parties. Make sure your kitchen is stocked with everything you need when hunger strikes with these essentials:

13. Measuring Spoons
Set of mesuring spoons, stainless steel. Easy-to-read imperial and metric measurement markings. Soft, non-slip handles, and dishwasher safe. The perfect set of measuring spoons!
Available, here.

14. Fluted Bowls
Classic and contemporary shapes, BIA Cordon Bleu continues the tradition of providing timeless, quality merchandise at affordable prices. Plus, the colours are super fun!
Available, here.

15. Capsule Esspresso Machine
Latest arrival from Italy, the S04 Caffitaly will amaze you with its interchangeable colored facing (9 different colors) which may be changed at the tip of your fingers. Simple, rapid and efficient, with its patent for the Caffitaly system. Infuse a perfect authentic Italian espresso as well as a filtered coffee in just a few seconds.
Available, here. Plus, check out all the colours, here.

16. Cuisinart Microwave Oven
Stainless steel interior and 25 preprogrammed settings put the Cuisinart Microwave Oven in a class all its own. It will not absorb odours, moisture or food particles. Pre-programmed one-touch controls guarantee that everything from reheating coffee, to defrosting cutlets, to cooking fish or making 2, 4, or 6 strips of crispy bacon will be done right.
Available, here.

17. Motif Mugs
BIA manufactures porcelain and stoneware accessories with classic contemporary shapes and unique glazes. A great addition to your kitchen and breakfast table. Plus, they’re only $3.95!
Available, here.

18. Can Opener
The can opener is such an important tool to have in your kitchen. This one has a non-slip handle and an integrated bottle opener. (Comes in 2 colours)
Available, here.

4. Bedding Essentials
A good night sleep is essential, especially when the school year starts! Make sure you and your family are well rested this with some of our favourite bedding basics:

19. White Duvet
Ultimate in down comfort! High grade european white down with a perfect weight that provides exceptional comfort and softness for all seasons.
Available, here.

20. Wrinkle Free Sheets
Experience true luxury with these soft, smooth and durable microfiber sheets. This sheet set is made of high strength microfiber yarns that will stay soft and wrinkle free for years to come. Set includes 2 pillow cases, 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet with deep pockets.
Available, here.

21. Pillows
Featuring the latest generation of microfiber technology, these beautiful pillows are hypoallergenic and offer a luxuriously soft down alternative for a heavenly sleep.
Available, here.

22. Mattress Pad
This polyester quilted mattress pad is a great addition to any bed. Its fitted sheet style accommodates mattress depths up to 15 inches. Available in twin and double.
Available, here.

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