Serve Up Delicious Fun at a Fondue Party

A fondue party can be a fun and delicious way to gather together friends and family at any time of year (especially around the holidays). And it’s pretty easy to prepare, not requiring any complicated recipes or dishes.

Depending on the number of guests you will invite, it might be a good idea to have two fondue pots. Place one on each end of a long table, leaving space in the middle for your buffet spread. This is where you’ll set out serving trays with all the different food the guests will be dipping into the fondue. Here’s a shortlist for foods that pair well with fondue.

For a cheese fondue, you’ll want to offer things like:

  • Snack foods (pretzels, tortilla chips, crackers)
  • Steamed vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
  • Meats (chicken, ham, steak)

For a chocolate fondue, have things like:

  • S’mores ingredients (marshmallows, graham crackers)
  • Pretzels, caramels, peanut brittle
  • Any pastries you enjoy, like angel food cake or mini eclairs

Picking the Right Fondue Set

There are several fondue sets on the market. Each come with different designs, features and tools to accommodate different types of fondues. For example, one fondue might be most useful for heating meat to dip. Some might be more oriented toward cheese or chocolate, while others are capable of making both.

One of the best fondue sets you can buy is the Trudeau Catalina fondue set. This set is great because it’s highly versatile: not only can you make any kind of fondue with it, but the set can also be used to serve soup or chili. Placed directly on the stove, this set is easy to heat and serve.

The Swiss Guard multi fondue set is another excellent choice since it has everything you need in one set. Whether you want to heat up meat, cheese or chocolate, this set is affordable yet fully-featured, ready for any fondue party.

One of favourites? Our NEW Digital Electric Fondue Set by Ricardo. An 11 piece set that can do meat, cheese & chocolate fondue, ALL-IN-ONE! Scoop it up here.

Plates and Trays

Because guests will serve themselves at a fondue party, you’ll need an assortment of serving trays and plates. If you’re offering chopped vegetables or diced meats, the Apertivo 4-piece cutting board and tray makes for a great choice. Another option is our Artisan tray from Maxwell & Williams– anything looks good on it!

As for plates, use ones that are specially designed for fondue buffets. Whether you want something white, red, or black, there are plenty of options in our store!

Other Tools for Serving

To ensure you can accommodate all your guests, you may need some extra fondue tools. Here are some of our favourite picks:

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