The Art of Making the Bed (And Why You Should Do It)

It’s a cliché that’s engrained in our heads since childhood: make your bed! But not many of us actually heed the advice from our parents. And that’s a shame, because making one’s bed is a fairly easy-to-achieve “success” habit that’s known to boost happiness (and encourage other good decisions throughout the rest of the day). Of course, it makes tucking yourself in each night feel all the better, too.

If making the bed each day seems like a daunting to you, don’t let it be. Making the bed is simple, and with these quick bed-making tips, you’ll be able to dress up the bed like a pro in just minutes a day.

Don’t wait to make it.
You probably don’t want to add more to your morning routine, but the best time to make your bed is the moment you get out of it each day. But while it might seem like a chore, it’s sure to boost your mood. Why? Because it takes only a few minutes—which means you’ll enjoy having accomplished a small task as soon as you start your day. Second, taking the time to make your bed each morning adds a few minutes of meditative contemplation to your morning routine, which can relieve stress.

Tuck it in—at least partly.
Some prefer having their sheets tucked in, while others don’t. If you share your bed, don’t let a difference in preference keep you up at night. Tuck in the bottom of the sheet, but don’t feel like you must tuck the sides into perfect hospital corners. If your partner prefers sides tucked, just tuck in the corner on their side of the bed.

Fluff things up.
We all know you should fluff your pillows every so often, but are you fluffing up your duvet or comforter? Give it a good shake every few days to evenly distribute the filling. This is less of an issue if you’re using a quilted duvet, though you still might want to give it a shake every now and then just to be sure.

Keep pillows tidy.
You probably have more pillows on your bed than you require for sleeping. If this is true, don’t just throw them off the bed. Instead, take the time each night to neatly pile them beside your bed so you can easily arrange them the following morning.

Toss in a throw.
A throw blanket isn’t just for an added pop of colour or texture: it makes a bed look and feel more inviting. When making your bed, add a throw blanket at the foot of it for cuddling up at the end of the day. This way you can enjoy some cozy comfort while reading or watching TV in bed without messing up your sheets before you’re ready to sleep.

Go the extra mile (if you feel like it).
If you really want a luxurious look when making your bed, consider ironing your top sheet and pillow cases. This is by no means necessary—who wants to iron them each day?—but it’s well worth the effort for special occasions. For example, you might iron sheets before going on vacation, so your bed is extra-inviting when you come home. Alternatively, you might do this for the guest bed to make a good first impression.


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