The Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Bar at Home

bar at homeWhether you’re a beginner at entertaining or having been hosting parties for years, a home bar is one thing every grown-up home should have. Don’t let it be a headache, with a few design ideas, barware basics and some fun accessories, you’ll have the bar that everyone loves and remembers.

1) Wall Décor
Wall décor doesn’t have to be boring, by adding artwork, mirrors and word art to your bar wall, it brings personality to a space that would otherwise be bare. You could also experiment with tiling patterns adhered to the wall if you feel a bit more hands-on.
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2) Glasses
Besides the drinks, glasses are probably the most important part of your bar set up. When choosing glasses, consider the various types of drinks you could be serving up for guests. The list could be endless— from wine to a round of shots. It’s best to be prepared with a variety of glasses so that you’re not forced to serve drinks in red solo cups as a last resort.
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3) Bar Accessories
Seating and accessories are the icing on the cake in bar talk as it ties your area together. A few chairs around the bar is great for smaller parties while items like a cocktail shaker and a handy ice bucket will be your saving graces when it comes to mixing up everyone’s favourites.
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4) Unique Bar Items
Don’t forget to give your bar area some extra flair. Try adding a themed bar— a sports bar, a vintage bar or make it into a man-cave worthy bar. Alternatively, going “theme less” will bring you a few more options for decorating and allow you to change up your look. Either way, choose accessories that will reflect your personality and speak to a party atmosphere.
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5) Bar Cart
Keep everything organized and looking fabulous with a bar cart. For more inspiration, check out our article on Creating The Perfect Bar Cart.
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