The Best Winter Fabrics for your Bed

Beds are glorious things where peace and comfort reign (and the outside world is meant to melt away). And when the weather gets cold and snow starts accumulating outside our windows, they become even more beloved. Especially when they’re covered in seasonally appropriate fabrics designed to provide extra warmth and snuggliness.

These are the cream of the crop:

Cozy and exceptionally soft flannel is always a good idea.

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The perfect Christmas-style red plaid.

Festive snowflakes.

Delightful penguins the kids are sure to love.

A little bit will go a long way towards infusing your bedroom with warmth, literally and figuratively.

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A chunky cable knit throw and cushion for a touch of winter charm.

Place this gorgeous blanket at the end of your bed, and use it as extra warmth on especially chilly nights.

Bamboo is brilliant for winter because it is “thermal regulating” (keeps your body warm when it’s cold and vice versa). Bonus: it’s also anti-microbial, protecting you from germs and consequently from getting sick.

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Bamboo Sheet Collection

Bamboo Quilt Set

And last but not least, aside from a fireplace, nothing beats faux fur in the bedroom. Ignite romance and elevate your home decor with this textured, feels-like-real material (in the form of cushions or a throw).
Faux Fur Cushion & Throws

Faux Fur Throws

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