Tips for Making the Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great accent to any home. It’s an easy way to fill a large space without investing in an oversized piece of art. It’s also a fantastic way to show your unique style through a curated selection of art and photos. 

Creating a gallery wall can feel like a daunting task but with these simple tricks and tips, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful gallery wall in no time. 

Mix and Match
Just like art in a museum or an exhibit, your items don’t all need to be the same. Give your gallery wall style and life by mixing and matching. This applies to:

  • the size of your art – don’t feel like all your art has to be the same size. Mix and match the sizes to help it all come together and fill the space nicely. 
  • the frames you put it in – picking one just one frame style will leave your gallery wall feeling bland. Opt for different colours, styles, and shapes to fit your aesthetic. 
  • the type of art – your gallery wall should be a culmination art to fit your style, so don’t feel like you have to stick to just one type of art. Mix together photographs, paintings, wall decor, clocks, and even fibre art. 

Map it Out
The hardest part about making a gallery wall is figuring out where everything should go while still having it look polished and cohesive. It can be a pain to put things up and take them down over and over and that method will leave you with a wall full of holes you have to patch.

Skip the trial and error and make it easy on yourself by mapping it out. Get a large roll of butcher paper or kraft paper and trace all of your frames and objects onto the paper. Then cut them out and tape them on the wall to use as a guide. With your paper outlines, you can move things around or swap them out easily. 

Alternatively, you can lay your frames out on the floor and rearrange from there before committing to putting them on the wall.

Get Creative
Gallery walls don’t have to be confined to large empty walls. Get creative and try gallery walls on smaller spaces, or spanning a corner. Try a gallery wall instead of a headboard or even a gallery wall down a stairwell.


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