Top 5 Summer Cocktail Recipes

1) White Wine Sangria
True summer staple, white wine sangria is a crowd pleaser. Infused with seasonal fruit and sweet Riesling, this cocktail is the perfect addition to your party menu. Check out the simple and quick recipe here.
Summer Cocktail Recipes

2) Margaritas
Nothing says summer like a classic Margarita. Salt rimmed glasses, fresh lime juice and tequila make this cocktail a refreshing patio beverage. This recipe from Chef Ina Garten can be found here.
Summer Cocktail Recipes

3) Cherry Pineapple Lemonade
If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic alternative that is also kid friendly, try this Cherry Pineapple Lemonade recipe. Perfect for a backyard barbecue or picnic in the park. Check out the full recipe here.
Summer Cocktail Recipes

4) Blueberry Mojitos
This recipe is a spin on a classic mojito. Minty with a splash of fizz from the champagne – this pretty cocktail looks good and tastes even better! Full recipe details here.
Summer Cocktail Recipes

5) Bloody Mary
Spicy, zesty and the perfect sun-gazing cocktail. This recipe is simple and great for weekends away at the cottage. See the full recipe here.
Summer Cocktail Recipes

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