Ways to Keep Your Mental Health a Top Priority During COVID-19

Social plans have been cancelled! No visiting friends, no heading to the gym or your yoga class, no eating at restaurants. Social distancing is essential to help flatten the curve of infections of COVID-19. However, spending all your time at home when you’re used to going to an office, grabbing a drink at a bar, or even visiting your older parents, can be a bit of an adjustment.

While your pets are definitely grateful for the time at home, it is important that you keep using your brain and taking care of your mental health. Of course, we have some ideas on how to help pass the time – that’s not just watching Netflix.

1. Pick Up a Hobby
It’s time to start a new hobby, pick up an old one, or work on developing your skills of a current hobby. There are so many more hours in the day to spend knitting, painting, sewing, gardening, writing, playing guitar, or any other hobby that piques your interest.

Most of the supplies you need can be ordered online so you can avoid heading over to your local stores.

2. Start Organizing
You might have procrastinated this one for a while, but there is no better time than the present to get it done. Spend a day cleaning up your house as you normally would, and then start deep-diving into the problematic areas of a house like the closets or the laundry room. Even reorganizing your kitchen cabinets can be super rewarding by discovering plenty of new space in your cupboards.

It might seem like an overwhelming task, but take it room by room and you’ll be relieved and thrilled when you’ve made your way through the house. While cleaning up, remember to reuse, repair, and donate instead of throwing things out.

3. Perfect Your Cooking
Working from home means you skip out on all the time spent commuting to and from the office. This time can be spent discovering the joy of cooking. During the weekdays, we often feel rushed to feed everyone. Now, it can become a more relaxed activity – either solo or with the whole family. You can experiment with new recipes or you can start teaching your kids to cook.

4. Spend Time Together 
If you live with a roommate, a partner or your family, this current social distancing is a great reason to spend time together and to try out some group activities like indoor gardening, multi-player video games or baking desserts.

Don’t forget about those not in your home. Have a family Skype session where everyone virtually eats dinner together or call an old friend to catch up. You can start a book club and have online meetups, or start a skillshare exchange amongst your friends, where you all learn something new from each other. Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated.

During this pandemic of COVID-19, make sure to take care of yourself. Make sure to eat well, stay hydrated, reach out to friends, and find home-based activities to fulfill each day.

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