Wild Mushroom Ravioli With Chef Reid Young (VIDEO)

We’ve teamed up with Montreal chef, Reid Young, to bring you a gourmet wild mushroom ravioli and to hear about his latest endeavours.  Watch the video below to see how it’s done and get the recipe below. Bon Appétit!
Describe your story in one-two sentences. (How you got into the industry and why)
Reid: I started in a kitchen when I was 14. It was a pub in Hudson, QC. After I finished high school I bounced around with construction and landscaping jobs until I decided I needed to cook again. That’s when I decided to go to culinary school in Montreal.

What is the most memorable cooking experience you’ve ever done?
Reid: Well, I was at Oysterfest last year doing a lobster and shrimp boil… that was pretty intense haha, but I’d have to say my stage at Garde Manger with the line cooks, James, and Chuck. It was really an eye opening experience and helped me build strong skin for who I am today.

What are the top 3 kitchen tools you can’t live without?
Reid: Well knives, rags and tongs aside, I would say liter containers for storing food, tape and a marker for labeling and dating everything.

Do you have a nickname in the kitchen?
Reid: I wouldn’t say I have a nickname, I have friends who call me Papa or Papa Bear

What’s your favourite food to make?
Reid: I love working with charcuterie and game meats, always loved the process and dedication and patience that goes into it. Butchery is amazing, you see first hand the beast that you’re going to use on ur menu etc, you have more respect for the animal afterwards I find.

What’s your favourite food to eat?
Reid: I love charcuterie and cheese, it’s an addiction…with wine or micro brew perfect.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Montreal?
Reid: Well I’d say I have 3: Taverne Monkland, Au Cinqueme Pecher, and Laloux on the Plateau. They are all different dinning experiences, all amazing depending on my mood.

Red or White Wine?
Reid: Love Reds… deep dark reds haha

If you could have a superpower in the kitchen, what would it be?
Reid: To be able to reduce stocks and sauces instantly.

Do you prefer cooking for others or being cooked for?
Reid: I love cooking for family and friends but I also love enjoying other peoples cooking.  You’ve gotta be crazy not try different styles.

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wild mushroom ravioli


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